marketing campaigns

Market research suggests that 45% of trade show attendees are drawn to a company’s stand due to online event promotion. However, fewer than 20% of exhibitors utilize pre-show marketing campaigns.

Pre and post show advertising is a highly effective way of reminding users about your stand. Because of this, our e-marketing platform is geared towards pre and post-event e-shot campaigns to extend the value of your marketing event.

As part of our email marketing service, the Skyline Whitespace team will design, build and enact your campaign, following up with a report of the campaign’s effectiveness. Our event marketing services are tailored with any existing online marketing strategies in mind to ensure year old coverage of a client’s business and events.


Corporate Marketing

Entertaining your staff and clients is now a critical and integral component of most Marketing budgets, and corporate entertainment is recognized as a vital part of the marketing mix.

Progressive companies use events to thank their staff and clients for their hard word, past business and in doing so encourage positive staff morale, loyalty and increased future business. Corporate Events also is an Image Building exercise to build brand equity of an organization.

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Strategic Marketing Services

Planning an upcoming event? Everyone loves a great party and we take great pleasure in planning them. We assure you excellence of service, commitment, and creativity regardless of the type of event or service you will be using. We recognize that every client is different; each has individual needs, ideas and budget. After taking into account your desires, we will guide you to make your event the absolute best it can be. Infusing the event with your persona is the unique challenge of planning each event, but the payoff is a "personal" celebration that will be enjoyed and remembered along with the special event it is commemorating. 

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Exhibitions & Stands

Kayzed Marketing offers global exhibition solutions that will guarantee you an effortless and efficient experience. Our services range from general contracting for organizers, to exhibition stand design and build for corporate clients or agencies, pavilions for national groups and individual exhibitors.We offer a flexible and top-class approach to your project that will highlight your presence and optimize your exhibition space.

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Retail Branding, Road Shows And Mall Decorations

In-store ,product sampling &demos,partnerships / Co- Ops,Retailtainment, Retail Roadshows : 
We specialize in providing shoppers with engaging in-store experiences and our clients with unparalleled in-store success. Sampling and demos are part of our DNA. That’s why we do it better than anyone else, with industry-changing insights and an industry-leading execution rate.

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