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Market research suggests that 45% of trade show attendees are drawn to a company’s stand due to online event promotion. However, fewer than 20% of exhibitors utilize pre-show marketing campaigns.

Pre and post show advertising is a highly effective way of reminding users about your stand. Because of this, our e-marketing platform is geared towards pre and post-event e-shot campaigns to extend the value of your marketing event.

As part of our email marketing service, the Skyline Whitespace team will design, build and enact your campaign, following up with a report of the campaign’s effectiveness. Our event marketing services are tailored with any existing online marketing strategies in mind to ensure year old coverage of a client’s business and events.


Conceptualizing and Developing a Strategic Marketing Plan :

•  Market Gap Identification
•  Strategy Development & Mix Generation
•  Strategic Implementation.
•  Channel Development
•  Localized Activation of Market Mix
•  On-going Relationship Management.
•  Advertising & Promotional Planning and Execution.
•  Brand Management.
•  Corporate Videos.
•  Digital Marketing.
•  Social Media.
•  Media Buying.

Marketing strategy


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